Below is a brief explanation of the simple 5-step submission process your manuscript will undergo at Wyvern Publishing Group.  Please submit your manuscript via email to our editorial board (submissions@wyvernpublishinggroup.com), making sure to follow the formatting requirements which are detailed below.  In your email, please be sure to indicate your preferred journal for publication.  When you send us your manuscript, please be sure to include your submission fee (see below).  Once we receive your submission fee and manuscript, the corresponding author will be notified by a confirmation email.



I. Formatting Procedure

Please click on the link below to view a detailed review of our journal formatting guidelines. Manuscripts that are submitted following these guidelines will allow for a smoother transition through the submission process.


Submitted manuscripts should be free of grammatical and other errors and should not contain information from other sources that are not properly cited.  Plagiarism, even unintentional, is an unethical practice and can damage the reputation of the author, publisher and journal.  Any article submitted for publication containing plagiarized content will be removed from the section process and will be reported to the proper authorities.


If you have further questions, please review our Plagiarism Policy.


Formatting Guidelines

II. Manuscript Submission Fee

A $45 (USD) submission fee is required with each manuscript submitted for review.  This non-refundable fee covers the monitoring and processing of the various manuscripts submitted to our journals.

Once you have remitted your fee, the manuscript will be sent to the appropriate editor for initial review.

Please submit your manuscript in WORD format (.doc or .docx) to submissions@wyvernpublishinggroup.com and indicate your preferred journal for publication with your submission.  Please note: this may not be the actual journal in which your article will be published in, as the Journal Editor may suggest a different WPG Journal if your manuscript is ultimately accepted.

III. Peer-Review Process

All manuscripts undergo the rigorous 4-step double-blind, peer-review process outlined below.

Step 1: After we receive your manuscript, it is sent to the appropriate editor. The editor then removes all author(s) personal contact information, and then verifies the manuscript’s suitability for the specific journal. The corresponding aurthor will be notified if a different journal is more appropriate or if their manuscripts are rejected.


Step 2: If the editor finds the manuscript suitable for the journal, it is sent without any identifiable author information to two independent reviewers for their comments.


Step 3: Based upon the reviewers' comments, the editor will make a final decision to either: accept, accept with changes, or reject the manuscript.


Step 4: If your manuscript is:


ACCEPTED - Congratulations! You will receive an email with an Official Letter of Acceptance, along with information on the open access publishing fee (See below).


ACCEPTED with CHANGES - You will receive a response stating various changes or corrections that are needed prior to acceptance of your manuscript for publication. You will have 10 business days to make any corrections or changes required by the editor to be officially accepted for publication.  If you do not make the required changes and/or corrections or cannot submit these within the timeframe allowed you will not be included in the journal for that publication cycle.  Additionally, if you do not submit the required changes or corrections within a 30-day period you will need to pay another manuscript submission fee.


REJECTED - You will receive a response stating why your manuscript was rejected for publication and encouraged to submit again at a later time.


The Wyvern Publishing Group, its editors, and reviewers are committed to evaluating all submitted manuscripts for their intellectual content.  Therefore the double-blind peer-review process will be conducted without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy.


IV. Acceptance Fee for Publication

Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, the corresponding author will receive a Letter of Acceptance, which is valid for one year from the date of the acceptance letter. This letter will contain all information pertaining to acceptance, the open access fee information, and other pertinent information.


The Wyvern Publishing Group will determine the appropriate open access fee to be included in the Letter of Acceptance.


An open access fee charged is applied to all accepted manuscripts to cover the cost of permanently hosting the published work online and providing it for free to all readers. Open access fees also offset the cost of processing and monitoring submitted journal manuscripts within our office.


Open access fees are determined by the total number of pages of the final version of an accepted manuscript (including all tables, charts, and references).

    1 - 4


      5 - 8  


      9 - 12


     13 - 16


   17 - 20


 $200 USD     $375 USD     $550 USD      $725 USD   $900 USD

Please note: Manuscripts greater in length than 20 pages will be charged $50 USD per page starting with the 21st page.


Please do not pay this fee until your manuscript has been accepted and you have been instructed to do so. To make a payment click here.


Once the open access fee is paid, a confirmation email along with a PDF proof page will be sent to the corresponding author.

V. Publication & Post-Publication

Accepted manuscripts are typically published immediately on the website of the Journal after the corresponding author approves a PDF proof and the Acceptance Fee is received. The article will be assigned to a specific journal issue when the most recent issue of that journal is published (this depends on the frequency of the journal).


At the time of acceptance, the corresponding author will receive a PDF page proof via e-mail. Corrections and/or approval must be received with 10 business days. Publication may proceed without approval if no response is received within that timeframe.


After journal publication, the contact author will receive a final PDF copy of the manuscript via email. Hard copies of any of our Journals are available for an additional fee.  Interested parties should contact the specific Journal Editor for information on purchasing single or multiple bound copies.


All works published by Wyvern Publishing Group operate under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY), which allows others to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licenses offered and recommended for maximum dissemination and use of licensed materials.



Please contact the Editor if you require more information about our Copyright policy or visit the following link to understand more about Creative Commons Licenses.



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